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13 Slot Tips Do's & Don'ts by Slot Pro John Grochowski Slot machines don’t give player the opportunity to make multiple bets in combinations like craps or roulette, or to take advantage of ever-shifting odds as card counters do in blackjack. Nevertheless, slot machines players have tried systems play for generations. Ultimately, however, slot machine odds are unchanging, the same on every spin.

... love the action! • 3 LIVE Craps tables with hot dice action at 5X odds ... BEST CASINO CRUISE SHIP!® ... You can redeem points directly on the slot machines. Which Royal Caribbean Ships Have Casinos - Cruise Deals Expert May 27, 2015 ... All Royal Caribbean cruise ships feature a dedicated casino that will attract everyone ... Museum of Gaming and The Hall of Odds. The casino itself boasts ... Casino Royale games such as slot machines, video poker, roulette, ... Slot Machine Strategies - How to Play Slot Machines: Tips and ... Slots are the easiest games in the casino to play -- spin the reels and take your ... If the machine accepts up to three coins at a time, and if you play one coin, three ... If, for example, you've taken $100 on a two-and-a-half-hour riverboat cruise, ...

Nov 26, 2015 · Carnival Cruise Line's Casino gambling age is 18+. The list of Casino games on Carnival cruise ships includes Black Jack, Craps, Poker, Roulette and various Slot Machines ($1-0,5-0,25-0,05) and penny slots ($0,02-0,01).

Jul 24, 2018 · Cruise Fever reports that on most cruise ships, sit down at a slot machine, insert your cabin card and deposit the amount that you want to withdraw. Once the money is loaded into the slot ... Anyone Here Wise To Cruise Ship Casinos? - Page 3 Nov 02, 2011 · Cruises - Anyone Here Wise To Cruise Ship Casinos? - Originally Posted by cmiller2600 I find that if I play in the off hours on the outbound leg of As for table games, the odds are the same in Vegas or on a ship (unless cruise ships cheats.) Black Jack will be Black Jack. Play by the book, and you will generally do fine (unless you have bad ... Gambling Cruises - Information, Advice, and the Best Why not try a gambling cruise? Gambling cruises offer a similar experience to other gambling vacation hotspots you may have visited in the past, providing the casino atmosphere you know and love and offering your favorite slots and table games. Of course, there are some distinct differences between land-based casinos and gambling cruises. 7 Casino Games That Won't Take as Much of Your Money Bad odds: Casino games at airports, cruise ships, and resorts. cloki/shutterstock. According to Wizard of Odds slot survey, the worst slot odds are at the airport. Playing casino games on a cruise

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Peter Hand, has designed slot machines and now collects them.No, but it’s been considered. I was once asked if I could modify the machines on one of these 6 hour “Cruise to Nowhere” ships, to make the machines fantastically loose on the way out and tight on the way back. Slot payback % on cruise ships? - Slots... - Wizard of Vegas… Las Vegas discussion forum - Slot payback % on cruise ships?, page 2.I use to work as a bartender on a ship and can tell you that they really are the tightest machine you'll ever play. The reason being not jusf because they can get away with it but because there is no competition at sea... A day in the life of a Slot Machine Technician on a … What does a typical day of a Slot Machine Technician on-board a cruise ship look like?I am responsible for doing small repairs and resetting the machines after a jackpot win. The payout and re-filling of the machine with coins is done often together with a Dealer or the casino management.

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Attempting to pinpoint the odds for slot machines is a daunting task. With such a variety of machines and games available, the odds can vary a great deal. Generally slots odds are expressed in the form of a payback percentage. The closer to 100%, the better for players. Do Cruise Ships Tighten Slots During the Cruise? I believe the slots are programmed looser at the start of the cruise to make you think you will win and then they are tightened at the end to get the most money they can. I have complained to management but was told they don't change the payback of the machines. Onboard Entertainment - Princess Cruises - Cruise Vacations Bravo Unites Opera with Pop. When classic light opera meets popular music, the result is an extravaganza that brings the house to its feet. Dancing amid breathtaking sets, and backed by a large, 13-piece orchestra, the cast of Bravo…A Regal Celebration delights audiences with such opera classics as “Time to Say Goodbye” and “Habanera” from Carmen.

Cruise Ship Slots Do Cruise Ships Tighten Slots During the Cruise? By Jerry "Stickman" Jerry: I have gone on several cruises over the past several years. While at sea, I enjoy playing the slot machines as well as blackjack and craps. I believe there is a sinister plan being executed by the ship’s management. Let me explain.

The odds in modern slot machines are all determined by how the machine is set up to use the virtual reel. This goes on the principles that were explainedFor a 5-reel machine this means that the odds of a jackpot are 1 in 3,459,738,368. As you can understand, that's some big odds against getting the... Slot machine tips on cruise ship: Free Games Online …

Slot Machine Odds - Best Online Casinos Slot Machine Odds. Understanding slot machines is easy.They’re basically just a giant math equation. Casinos are so open about slot machines, they publish their own payback percentages in industry publications, and they often brag about the percentage that their machines pay back in a … Is Gambling At Sea A Gamble? - Cruisemates Cruise Ship Carnival ships have slot machines equipped with hardware where you insert "players cards;" your winnings (if any) accrue on your card, and you simply move with your card from machine to machine. It also monitors the "points" you earn by your play, and the last day of the cruise you can redeem your points for rewards. Anyone Here Wise To Cruise Ship Casinos? - FlyerTalk Forums Jul 14, 2011 · One the cruise lines I have been on, every game has had worse odds --Blackjack and Craps are tweaked to further favor the house (by alteration of standard pay out odds and dealer play rules). On Celebrity in particular, the rake on the poker game was breathtaking (over 3x what was charged in a land casino I dealt poker in years ago).